Counting Colorful Monsters

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About Me

Hello, thank you for your interest in Counting Colorful Monsters. I am a wife, mother, nurse, living in the Midwest finding creative ways for my children to grow physically, mentally and academically.

What’s Inside

When my son was a toddler, we struggled to find a book that taught both colors and numbers that kept his interest. Out of need, we created a poem and illustrations that matched the story. Counting Colorful Monsters soon turned into an early reader for him and his sister.

Since 2015, the Hartland Cromaine Library, has been using Counting Colorful Monsters in their preschool program.

How to Purchase

Reviews (taken from Amazon)

So fun and playful! This book was an instant hit in my house!! We read it again and again!I love that it includes counting and colors! The Monsters are so fun, it seems like you find new things to giggle about each time you look at the pictures!

” I bought this book for my grandchildren. They liked it so much I’ve since bought it as a baby shower gift. It is an easy reader book that teaches counting and colors. I think you will enjoy the sing-song rhythm of this short book.”

“This is a simple, wonderful book that I plan on basing a preschool lesson around. It teaches numbers, counting and colors with bright colorful pictures that will captivate the kids “

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